January 30, 2018

About Us

They say creativity is the mother of invention.

As a teenager I had the burning desire to discover or invent  something new to make people’s life easy and fight poverty . With a solid scientific foundation.

Established since 2015 in Charleston South Carolina USA . Although  brand has a Sports feel, other  products have already been tested and will be manufactured for both casual and official wears. Each Polo T shirt , short , shirt , track jacket, shoe, sneaker……. You purchase will go a long way to alleviate poverty, fight diseases , make food available  and put a smile on someone’s face.

As a FIFA Players agent , the love for soccer ( Football in Africa, Europe ..) coupled with my creative mindset, the DEETO’O brand was born. Currently, brand has been registered, trademarked and Patent under Parent company INTER CONTINENTAL SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT ( ICSEM), USA.


US  citizen born August 2, 1978 in the South West Region of Cameroon. Obtained Advanced  ‘A’ Level Certificate in Pure Sciences  + 1 year Studies in the University of Dschang – Cameroon.

Acquired business administration and management skills (2000 to 2006 ) while working with an Import/ export  multinational ( OLAM)  in Cameroon.

Since 2010 , holds  a Certificate from SPORTS MANAGEMENT WORLDWIDE ( SMWW) in Sports Management with emphasis in ATHLETE MANAGEMENT. SMWW with headquarters in Portland-Oregon , USA.

Licensed Soccer ( FIFA) Players Agent with US SOCCER FEDERATION ( USSF )  since 2014 , currently a registered players Intermediary with USSF.



A page has been created for Charitable donations and management , including a 10 percent  of the DEETO’O brands’ annual profits which will be geared towards CHARITY & NOBLE COURSES.

Was born and raised in Africa in a struggling household where  I witnessed poverty and hardship firsthand. Relocated to the UNITED STATES at age 33 . Due to this reason , will personally supervise all CHARITY FUNDS to make sure they are used for the intended purposes.


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